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There are several hospitals, health centers, clinics and medical stations in Grenada to provide free medical attendance and basic medication for citizens of the country. According to statistics from the World Health Organization, the total expenditure of medical health for Grenada in 2011 accounted for was 6.5% of GDP, and the medical health expense per capita was USD $694 calculating according to purchasing power parity. During the period of 2006-2013, there were 7 doctors, 39 nurses and birth attendants, 2 dentists, and 9 pharmacists among ten thousand people in average. During the period of 2006-2012, there were 35 hospital beds owned among ten thousand people in average. Currently there is a surgeon for every 1,275 people, a nurse for every 410 people, and one hospital bed for every 300 people in Grenada.  


Medical conditions: The public hospitals of Grenada offers free treatment services. As a result there is a great volume of persons admitted or seeking other medical assistance at these hospitals, thus making it a bit more challenging to get immediate attendance from doctors and nurses. If you require a faster and better service experience, it is recommended that you visit a private doctor or hospital instead. The experience at these private hospitals are excellent but at a higher cost than the public health care facilities.   


Medical insurance: The Grenadian government implements national insurance plan under the National insurance scheme. This organization provides health care benefits to its citizens. Some of these benefits include health insurance, maternity insurance, work-related injury insurance, endowment insurance, disability insurance, insurance for the widow and widower, burial insurance, frequent nursing insurance, housing loan insurance, etc. Most of the local companies on the island also offer additional medical insurance benefits to their employees. If individuals would like to have their private medical insurances, this option is available through most of the local insurance companies at full cost to that individual.  


Common diseases and treatments located in tropical area: The viruses which are most likely to affect Grenada include dengue, yellow fever and the flu (common cold) with the later being the most likely. There are no large-scale infectious disease such as bird flu.  


There is a total of five hospitals located in Grenada. Out of this is three major state owned hospitals, one state owned mental hospital and one private medical facility. The largest and main hospital is The St. George's General Hospital which is located in the town of St. George to the south-west of the island. The second hospital is the Princess Alice Hospital, which is located at the North-east of the island in the Parish of  St. Andrews. On the sister island of Carriacou servicing both Carriacou and Petite Martinique residents is the Princess Royal Hospital. The mental hospital is located at Mt. Gay, St. George's and has thus been given the name Mt. Gay Hospital. This hospital was built in 1986 – 1987 to accommodate patients suffering from mental illness through the entire tri-island state. The privately owned hospital in Grenada is the St. Augustine Medical Services better knows as (SAMS). It was established in 1998 and is located at The Bocas, St. George's.  


For cases that may not necessarily require a visit to a hospital, there are other options such as six major health centers, 30 regionally distributed medical stations and two medical centers by the names of Spice Isle Imaging Centre and Marryshow's Hospital & health clinic which provide medical services such as blood tests, medical imaging & scanning services. There are also several private clinics and pharmacies located all over the island.  

General contact information:


    Ministry of Health:
    Southern Wing, 1st & 2nd Floor
    Ministerial Complex, Botanical Gardens
    Tanteen, St. George's
    Fax: (1-473) 440-4127 / 6848 / 7017
    E-Mail:  min-healthgrenada@spiceisle.com

    Official website of Grenada national insurance plan:


    St. George’s General Hospital:            473-440-205

    St. Andrew Princess Alice Hospital:        473-442-7251

    Carriacou Princess Royal Hospital:        473-440-7400
    Mt. Gay Hospital:                                 473-440-3272             


    District Health Centers:
    Melville Street, St. George's:                 473-444-3371
    Grand Bras, St. Andrew's:                     473-442-7623
    Gouyave, St. John's:                             473-444-8414
    Belle Vue, St. David's:                          473-444-6892
    Sauteurs, St. Patricks:                           473-442-9317
    Hillsborough, Carriacou:                      473-443-7280


    Some Pharmacies:
    Name: Mitchell’s Pharmacy Ltd                                             Add: Grand Anse Shopping Centre, St George's
    Tel: 1-473-444-3845                                                               Fax: 1-473-444-5335
    E-mail: mitchellspharmacy@spiceisle.com    

    Name: Gittens Pharmacy Ltd                                                  Add: Halifax Street, St George's
    Tel: 1-473-440-2165/440-3940                                               Fax: 1-473-440-8856
    Name: Gittens Pharmacy Ltd                                                  Add2: Grenville St Andrew's
    Tel: 1-473-438-0051
    E-mail: agencies@spiceisle.com                                             website: www.gittensgroup.com

    Mitchell's Health & Wellness Pharmacy Ltd                              Add: Excel Plaza & SpiceLand Mall, Grand Anse
    Tel: 1-473-439-9355                                                              Fax: 1-473-440-6603
    E-mail: wellness@spiceisle.com                                              Website: www.fit4life.gd
    Name: Hills & Valley Pharmacy                                               Add: Hillsborough, Carriacou
    Tel: 1-473-443-6904                                                              Tel2: 1-473-443-8904
    Name: Hills & Valley Pharmacy                                               Add2: Halifax Street, St George's
    Tel: 1-473-435-6904                                                               Fax: 1-473-435-6904
    E-mail: valley6904@hotmail.com