In the beautiful country of Grenada, the Educational system is fashioned after the British schooling system with a national literacy rate of 96%. Up to age 5 a child is holistically molded by any of the countries capable daycare/ nursery Schools, locally referred to as pre-primary schooling. A child then moves unto a higher level of learning, the primary school level. Grenada implements free compulsory education for children from ages 5 to 16. From ages 5 to 11, students are grounded in primary education which prepares them for a mandatory common entrance examination before moving unto their secondary school education which they enjoy from ages 12 to 16. Pupils are then tested by another compulsory final exam, prepared by the Caribbean Examination Counsel(CXC). Available also to the students is a local college; T. A Marryshow Community College, where they can complete their lower level tertiary education after high school. A student can also choose to complete a higher proficiency examination (Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination) at the end of their 2 years of College, also prepared by the Caribbean Examinations Counsel.
There are more than enough public primary and secondary schools scattered throughout the island to house the nation’s population of children along with added privately paid schools if a smaller class is preferred for the student. Along with a fully compressed curriculum the students are also exposed to physical education classes and sports tournaments, Intercol being the most popular. Pupils also take part in inter-school competitions namely; young leaders, junior achievements, knowledge bowl, spelling bees etc.
Within the city of St George lies an open Campus University (University of the West Indies) which provides tertiary education for individuals wishing to study while at work. In the south of the island sits St. George’s University, established by an educational organization of the United States in St George’s, which provides various programs such as medicine, Veterinary Medicine, science and engineering, science and technology, etc. Students enroll in this replicable university from all over the world. As one of the British Commonwealth countries Grenadian citizens also receives high priority from many top universities.