Survey of Grenada

Geography: Grenada is a nation located at the southern tip of the Windward Islands in the East Caribbean Sea. It is just a short hop of about 160 kilometers to Venezuela.
Climate: Typical tropical climate with little difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures, whose annual average ranges from 26℃.
Area: 344 square kilometers
Capital: St George, located in the southwest of Grenada Island
Language: English - the official and spoken language
Religion: Most of inhabitants believe in the Roman Catholic
Grenada is a Commonwealth country which features peculiar Caribbean Sea tropical-island scenery and abundantly yields spices and tropical fruits such as nutmeg. It is known as “The Spice Island in the Caribbean.” Its main export products include nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and vanilla.

Grenada is a tri-island state including the Grenada, Carriacou and Petitie Martinique situated in the south of the Windward Islands. The first owner was the French Colonist. Then, Grenada was handed over to Britain, which is still the holder of the Grenada islands for present. The islands still retain their culture, but also keep the trace of the European influence, including buildings and places. St George's is located in the south west coast of Grenada. It is the seat of government and the main commercial center.