Recorded history of Grenada proves its first inhabitants to be Indians, also known as indigenous people in the 17th century before it was discovered by the Europeans in the 18th century by Christopher Columbus on his third voyage of the new world in 1498. The Island then was named "Concepción." The Carib Indians after forcefully taking the island from the Arawak Indians continued to rule the little of Grenada before the island was taken over by the French in 1672 until 1762. The source of the name ‘Grenada’ is unknown but has been assumed to be named after the city Granada by Spanish sailors.

The name ‘Grenada’ and ‘La Grande’ was used to identify the island during that time. Britain eventually invaded and took Grenada to be her own. Under the "Treaty of Paris", France transferred Grenada to Britain in 1763. African slaves were imported onto the island for the cultivation of crops for the sake of ‘good economics’ This little gem was tossed from hand to hand, as she was transferred back to France in the year 1779 and under the ‘Treaty of Versailles’, Grenada was officially confirmed British owned. Since then, it became a British colony. Grenada then became one of the Windward Islands governments and governed by the Governor of the Windward Islands appointed by the Queen of Britain. Grenada was a part of the West Indies Federation in 1958. This federation was dissolved in 1962. She obtained her internal autonomy in 1967. She was declared independent on February 7, 1974 with Eric M. Gairy as Prime Minister joining the United Nations in the same year. In March 1979, Grenada launched a coup causing the pro-western regime to fall. Under the support of The Soviet Union and Cuba, it was more obvious that new regime of Grenada tended to pro-Soviet and pro-Cuba.

Historically, Americans have found that the Caribbean is the US inland sea. To curb the influence of the Soviet Union and Cuba in this region, America took advantage of the internal coup of Grenada and the chaos and mustered 7 Caribbean nations in Central America to invade Grenada with a code named rage. U.S Army took helicopters and planes with parachutes and a small military from neighboring islands and loaded onto the little island of Grenada some say at 5 o’clock on October 25th, 1979. On October 26, 1979, Grenada’s headquarters was occupied by America. On October 28, America controlled the capital St. George and the main combat eventually came to an end. Since then, The US military dispatched a small team to search and wipe out the left Cuba army and to capture the head of Cuba army along with more than 10 Grenada government officials. They seized all the weapons and ammunition used. After controlling the island, Grenada’s governor appointed by the Queen of Britain reorganized a new regime. The US military eventually evacuated in 1983. After this event Nicholas Brathwaite was appointed prime minister. Grenada has then change prime ministers through its many successes over the years. It’s current prime minister being The Right Hon. Dr. Keith Mitchell of the New National Party. The Island still keeps artifacts from its primitive years and proudly displays its history to the world through tourism and trade. Its forts and architecture reminds all of its perpetual resilience.