Successful Case

Congratulations! Mr. Z gets Grenada passport and green card within 2 months

Case Analysis: Mr. Z has been engaged in international trade for years and owned his trade company in China. Lately, his business spreads in the countries of Singapore, Germany and Britain. Due to the business interchange, Mr. Z needs to visit these countries every year, but he does not expect the visa application procedure is complicated. If possessing a applicable passport, he will be able to enter the business related countries for free visa, so as to make contacts and solve the trade cooperation problems for any time. Mr. Z was informed of the Grenada passport which features the 120 more visa-free countries including Singapore, Germany and Britain. And so he decided to apply for the Grenada passport after making sure how to use this passport. For now, he feels free to visit Singapore, Germany and Britain and intends to further expand his business in other visa-free countries such as Spain and Italy.
Applying Process:

Sept.3, 2015 - Mr. Z executed the immigration service agreement and began to prepare the application document.
Sept.20, 2015 - Mr. Z submitted the application document.
Sept.22, 2015 - Mr. Z remitted the investment sum in the escrow account.

Oct.20, 2015- Mr. Z received the letter of approval by the government.
Nov.29, 2015- Mr. Z was granted the Grenada passport, green card and citizenship file.